Facial Rejuvenation Liverpool

In our Facial Rejuvenation Liverpool clinic we reduce the effects of aging, non surgical injections are used to volumise your lips, cheeks, chin & nose.

Natures natural plumper in the skin collagen is called hyluronic acid which is is what is used in the products we use hydrafil and Juvederm Ultra.

We also use Radiesse which encourages your own skins fibroblast cells to make your own fresh collagen in your skin. This product lasts longer in the skin than juvederm

Other products such as Teosyal and 2 Week Miracle Anti-Aging Programme are available to you, find out more by going to the lifestyle aesthetics website for Facial Rejuvenation Liverpool

Cheek Volumising

Because the cheek area is augmented with an injectable dermal filler, the results are more natural, require little down-time, and have a low incidence of side-effects. Look at our Wrinkle Treatment Additionally, because no general anaesthesia is required you may control the outcome by looking in a handheld mirror and providing feedback throughout the procedure.

Before Cheek Volumising
dermal fillers before cheek volumising
After Cheek Volumising
dermal fillers after cheek volumising

Nose Shape Adjustment

Juvederm is carefully injected into certain areas of the nose to give it a symmetrical shape. The filler is used to fill in depressions and give the nose a smoother, even appearance. To correct a bump on the nose, Juvederm is injected on either side of the bump to even out the surface. If the tip of the nose is annoyingly fat, filler is added to the tip to create a narrower look. Once the filler is injected into the nose, it can be manipulated until the desired result is attained.

Before Nose Shape Adjustment
dermal fillers before nose shape adjustment
After Nose Shape Adjustment
dermal fillers after nose shape adjustment

Nasolabial Fold Treatment

The procedure is simple. At the initial consultation, your face is assessed to see the extent of the fold, and to assess how much Juvaderm is needed. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the dermis of the skin, and its injection into the skin will allow the skin to regain its volume and turgidity as well as allow absorption of water. The nasolabial fold thus becomes shallower and less obvious.

Before Nasolabial Fold Treatment
dermal fillers before nasolabial fold treatment
After Nasolabial Fold Treatment
dermal fillers after nose to nasolabial fold  treatment

Lip Enhancement

Juvederm is injected in very fine lines under the lip wrinkle. The lip wrinkle is filled up and disappears instantaneous with the effect lasting anywhere between 9 months to a year.

Before Lip Enhancement
dermal fillers before lip enhancement
After Lip Enhancement
dermal fillers after nose to lip enhancement

Chin Shape Modification

Below the mouth, the chin may become prominent as the area surrounding the chin shows volume depletion. This, combined with the gravitational movement of the cheek's fat pad (malar fat pad), creates unattractive jowls. Beginning with the lines extending downward from the corners of the mouth (puppet or Marionette lines) to the hollowing around the chin known as the pre-jowl sulcus, correction can be dramatic but subtle with properly placed dermal fillers such as Radiesse.

Before Chin Shape Modification
dermal fillers before chin shape modification
After Chin Shape Modification
dermal fillers after chin shape modification